Virtualisation and cloud based graphics

RT Software led the way in broadcast virtualisation at IBC with its demonstration of 8 independent channels featuring live graphics running on a single server.

The concept has become a reality with vPS, RT software’s Virtual Production Server.

vPS is based on CoS hardware and allows an IT based server to host multiple services and channels. User benefits are many fold – its scalability,  ease of management and efficiency all add up to a new era of cost effective broadcast infrastructure.

The reference platform supported by RTSW is the widely available HP DL 380 server which is supplemented with nVidia GPU(s) and AJA video i/o card(s). Other platforms may be supported by request.

Initially released as an IP based solution vPS now includes support of multiple SDI input / output channels.



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Key Features and Benefits of Virtualisation

Hybrid SDI and IP architecture

vPS supports emerging IP based standards including NDI. Crucially – there is also an option to support multiple SDI inputs and outputs. This makes vPS Perfect for managing transition and change in the broadcast sector.

All the benefits of virtualisation

Whichever way you look at it, virtualization delivers on cost savings and ease of use. Remote management, rack consolidation, flexibility, ease of management and redundancy – it’s a compelling list.

Supported RT Software products

All RT Software products are supported, with licensing controlled via the standard USB dongle. Existing investments in RTSW products are carried forward into the virtualized environment.