Finnish National Broadcaster YLE selects Tactic Pro for Euro 2024 – Press Release

London, UK. June 2024

RT Software’s Tactic telestrator has been selected by YLE, the Finnish national broadcaster for their Euro 2024 football coverage.

Included in YLE’s package are Tactic Pro’s advanced AI features that accelerate the creation of video sequences. Additionally, the Euro 2024 League Package has been added, providing all the player names and team strips to further  streamline operations, making them quick and simple.

Although YLE already uses an existing replay server, another advantage of selecting Tactic Pro was its built-in record-to-disk function. This feature frees up the current server for other uses, avoiding the cost of additional server channels, whilst still supporting file transfers from the replay server when required.

Jari Vuorenmaa, YLE’s Technical Designer,  led the product evaluation and was impressed by the extensive support RT Software provided to their operations team prior to the sale. 

“It was important to us, when evaluating our move from our old telestration tool to Tactic Pro, that our operators were completely confident in the new product. We were impressed with how RT Software delivered training even before we made our final decision.”

“Our operators really appreciated how simple the AI features made their work. The ability to automatically calibrate the pitch and track players with just a few clicks is a fantastic improvement over our current workflow. It allows operators to focus on telling the story of the match rather than spending time setting up the system.”

Ashley Cole, RT Software’s business development manager said, “It was a great pleasure working with YLE to support their Euro2024 coverage. We are looking forward to seeing the results of YLE using Tactic Pro on air as the Euro 2024 competition gets started.”

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