Swift Installation Guide


SwiftCG, SwiftCG+,


Installation Guide

DATE 25/02/2023


This manual details the installation procedures for SwiftCG, SwiftCG+(Edit3D) and SwiftPreview (TogRender) . Note that there are differences between the requirements for these two products.

Reference will be given to other documents for Licensing and Video installations

General Guidelines

Please observe these guidelines. Observation of these simple guidelines will avoid many typical installation problems.

  • The user account name MUST have Admin rights
  • The user account name MUST NOT contain spaces or any non-English characters
  • The software is installed for a SINGLE user (the installer)
  • User directory parameters are set at the time of installation
  • The software can only be used on the PC on which it is installed (no network access), unless a network license has been installed.
  • The screen resolution MUST be 1920 x 1080 (or 1920 x 1200)


Supported Platforms

Please consult RTSW website for suitable hardware configurations:


Supported Operating Systems

  • The installation procedure is common for Window OS variations, At this time the following OS’s are supported
  • Windows 10 x64
  • Windows 11 x64
  • Windows Server 2016 R2 x64
  • Windows Server 2019 x64

nVidia Graphics Card Drivers

A suitable nvidia graphics card should be installed. Only nVidia is supported.

These may be obtained from the Nvidia website – www.nvidia.com

Please check the driver against the card you are using

RT Software Security Key

You will need a license in order to be able to launch the software. These can be obtained from your account manager or by contacting sales@rtsw.co.uk.

License Installation

Once you have your license – please refer to the separate document for installation instructions here:


Obtaining the Installers

The installers for SwiftCg may be obtained from 2 different places – either our website or our FTP. Installers for SwiftCG+ can only be obtained from our ftp.

Website – SwiftCG Only


Installers are located here:


FTP – SwiftCG/SwiftCG+/SwiftPreview

The installers required for both Swift CG and SwiftCG+ may be obtained from RTSoftware FTP download site. In order to gain access to this you will need to be assigned a login. You can get this by contacting your account manager or emailing sales@rtsw.co.uk.

As well as providing access to the most recent versions of our software, you can also use your account to upload/download material to us for support and customer related issues.

Our FTP login is here:


All installers are located in sub-folders. These are labeled as follows:

  • Downloads/Releases/<main version>/<sub version>/<operating system>

For example, at the time of writing the latest versions are:

  • Downloads/Software Releases/4.6.5/4.6.5_r30938/windows-x86_64

Locate the appropriate release and download the required installers.

The following lists the installers needed for tOG, tOG Edit and tOG Sports and the order in which you should install them:

If you are installing an AJA video card, download the AJA installer:

  • Ajadriver-16.2.0-windows-installer.exe

If you are installing Mellanox DPU for 2110  download

  • rivermaxdriver-1.9.23-windows-installer.exe

If you are installing SwiftPreview download

  • togRender-4.6.5_r30938-windows-installer.exe

If you are installing SwiftCG download

  • Swift-4.6.5_r30938-windows-installer.exe

If you are installing SwiftCG+ download

  • togpre-4.6.5_r29897-windows-installer.exe
  • tog-4.6.5_r30938-windows-installer.exe
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Once you have downloaded the necessary installers you are ready to proceed.

If you are installing an AJA card for SDI or a Mellanox DPU for 2110 install these first. Refer to the AJA/Mellanox installer instructions on how to do this and in addition, how to set up the cards themselves.


Double click the installer to launch.

  • Swift-4.6.5_r30938-windows-installer.exe
Pasted image 0

Click Next…

Pasted image 0

Accept the License agreement and press Next

Pasted image 0

Press Next

Pasted image 0

Press Next

Pasted image 0

Setup will install the application

Pasted image 0

Click Finish

Once the application is complete you will see a folder on the desktop

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Open this and launch the application using the shortcut:

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Installing SwiftCG+ requires 2 installers. The form and sequence is the same for both and is identical to the sequence for SwiftCG.

Install the togpre installer first followed by the main tog installer.

  • togpre-4.6.5_r29897-windows-installer.exe
  • tog-4.6.5_r30938-windows-installer.exe

Once the application is complete you will see a folder on the desktop

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Open this and launch the application using the shortcuts:

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  • Tog Edit – this runs SwiftCG+ in edit mode
  • Tog Live – this runs SwiftCG+ in live mode
  • Tog Playout – this runs SwiftCG+ in playout mode
  • Tog Sports – this runs the legacy tOG Sports interface
  • Uninstall procedure


Installing SwiftPreview is identical to the previous sequences. Run the installer:

  • togRender-4.6.5_r30938-windows-installer.exe

Once the application is complete you will see a folder on the desktop

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Open this and launch the application using the shortcut:

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To uninstall any of the applications, run the uninstaller shortcut in the relevant launch folder.