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Tactic Draw

Easy-to-use touchscreen telestration
for live interactive presentations
in news and entertainment.


The Super User: Training for trainers

Allocate and direct your staff
to all appropriate courses,
materials and documentation


Broadcast Infrastructure

Training covering Swift Live, Dataserver, News (including ActiveX and MOS Gateway).


Tactic Pro (Broadcast)

Live sports telestration for operators and presenters leveraging
Next Gen Analysis™ AI powered acceleration.


Tactic Lite (Broadcast)

Live sports telestration for operators and presenters
at budget friendly pricing.


Swift CG for Kula: Grass Valley

Programme graphics with the Grass Valley Kula playout solution


Swift CG Free: Quickstart Guides & User Tips

Swift: Free tutorials/ User Tips


Tactic User tips (Broadcast)

A veritable smorgasbord of tips and tricks for all levels of Tactic users.


Studio Engineers: AR and VR set up and configuration

Technical setup requirements for
tracked and chromakey projects.


Deep-Dives: For advanced designers

Specific use-case and in-depth tutorials
for experienced Swift CG+
template designers.


Swift CG+ for Live Ops: Overlays, AR and VR

Operator-driven 3d overlay graphics for sports, news and entertainment.


Swift CG for Live Ops: Overlays

Operator-driven, overlay graphics for sports, news and entertainment.


MediaWatcher: External data feeds

External data feeds, database and watch folder management


Repository: Version & Distribute

Serve updated dynamic content to your playout renderers


Swift CG for Automation: OEM

Channel Branding with OEM partner playout solutions


Swift CG for Automation: Grass Valley

Channel Branding with GV ICE playout solutions