World Cup – Next Gen Analysis™ with Tactic Pro

Tactic Pro World Cup licence £4,995 (HD SDI) / £3,445 (HD NDI) – Licences valid 1/9/22 to 31/12/22

Tactic Pro is the top end sports analysis graphics solution from RT Software that harnesses the power of AI to make your World Cup shows stand out from the rest.

Tactic Pro’s Next Gen Analysis™ takes you beyond standard graphics with a lightning fast turnaround to deliver deeper insights into the gameplay that will be appreciated by fans and massively increase the value of your output.

Watch our demo videos to see how you could deliver more compelling match analysis in a fraction of the time of competing products.

To further accelerate your World Cup analysis, we are including a full Squad List that covers all the teams, players names, colours and club logos. This reduces manual entry errors and instead lets you invest your time in personalising the graphics to match your channel’s on air look.

Tactic Pro incudes other opportunities for branding and sponsorships, and this is all available without additional cost or referring back to us. Branding opportunities include:

  • Virtual stadium branding
  • Tools and on screen styles
  • Tablet and touchscreen controls

AI Assisted and other essential features include:

  • Automatic pitch alignment and calibration
  • Automatic player tracking
  • Automatic keying
  • Automatic tool linking
  • Camera Morph

Tactic Pro is perfect for highly interactive live studio shows. It is 100% safe – because the clips the presenters work on are pre-processed so all the chromakeying, camera alignments and player tracking are guaranteed to work live on air.

You can experience Tactic Pro right now through our trial programme, follow the link here to get started here

At the end of the World Cup, you have an option to take out an annual subscription to Tactic Pro from which we will deduct this initial World Cup rental. So an additional year of Tactic Pro (HD SDI) for just £9,995.

For full product details, click: Tactic Pro

We also have a full range of broadcast graphics solutions including virtual studio & augmented reality, video wall and on screen overlays. Contact if we can help you with other requirements.


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