Tactic, maximising the value of your sports content

“Tactic” is the next generation family of sports analysis and telestration solutions from RT Software. 100% new but built on many years of experience working with the world’s largest sports broadcasters and production companies across the globe.

  • Ease to use. This was the number one request from users. Tactic delivers – but you decide, we’ll send you an evaluation licence today.
  • Your look and feel on air.  Users can easily change graphics and interfaces for on air branding and extended usability.
  • Flexibility. Tactic really is many products in one. Operator or presenter based system and working with live or files from a MAM.
  • Affordability. Modular licencing combined with perpetual or duration based licencing means ownership sit easily within budgets.
  • Hardware agnostic. Tactic runs on readily available hardware, with customers free to choose from workstation, rack mount or even portable platforms.
  • Support. RT Software is a trusted partner that helps push the boundaries for many leading sports broadcasters around the globe.

Tactic is so easy to use it does not require any on site training. Instead, to help you get the best from the product, the following free of charge resources are available to all users.

2 Hour one to one remote screen based familiarisation session.
Comprehensive product manual available from our download ftp site.

On line video library of user hints and tips.

   Product manuals and installation guides
video-play-button-icon  Tactic Advanced – User Tip Videos
These videos include tips and hints for our customers, users and freelance operators. They will keep you abreast of new graphic tools as they become available and to show how an operator can use Tactic to create compelling analysis graphics – often with just a few mouse clicks.

Check out how easy it is to use Tactic below


Key functionality of tactic

Avada Admin

Easy to use

Ease of use was the most important driver for Tactic’s new user interface. Customers told us they wanted great looking graphics of course, but just as important was the requirement for the system to be intuitive enough for a PA or an EVS operator to use with little or no training.

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Link together analysis tools

Perfect for creating new tools to help tell specific stories. Tactic has the ability for users to build own custom tools by linking together several “standard” tools (such as circle, line and infill). These custom tools can then be added to the palette ready for use when needed.

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Create your own styles

Have your own unique on air look. The graphical tools in tactic have been built with easy customisation in mind. Not just the concept of home and away colours but fundamentally changing the style. Create your own textures in PhotoShop, load in and go to air!

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Automatic set up and configuration

Auto everything. Top end sports analysis graphics need two key areas of functionality – camera tracking to tie graphics to the pitch in the correct orientation plus keying to put the players on top of the graphic. With Tactic the system automatically handles everything.

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Add custom graphics

Tactic is built on RT Software’s proven graphics platform, tOG-3d. Consequently a 3d graphics editor is available to build complex case specific graphics, either in house or through our graphics services arm, RT Creative.

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Flexible workflows

A flexible approach to content and workflows.  The video content can be live camera feeds, sitting on a DDR channel such as EVS or be file based. Output can be live SDI or file based. All popular broadcast SDI and file formats are supported up to and including UHD 50P.

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Records 4 channels of SDI

Free up valuable DDR channels. Live record up to 4 channels of live HD video, and while recording select a channel, wind back and start telestrating. This will be available in Tactic Pro, scheduled for summer 2019. Available now in tOG-Sports.

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Touchscreen and tablet support

Put analysis in the hands of the presenters. Tactic supports a second screen output for touch screens and handheld devices supporting Chrome. This will be available in Tactic Pro, scheduled for summer 2019. Available now in tOG-Sports.

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Augmented reality graphics

AR can bring the graphics into the studio or pitch side for maximum impact. We offer support for easy to rig fixed cameras or fully tracked cameras. This will be available in Tactic Pro, scheduled for summer 2019. Available now in Sports-AR.

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Metric based graphics

Metrics based graphics (speed, distance, height etc) help bring deeper understanding to analysis. Available on pitch based sports such as football, rugby, hockey etc. This will be available in Tactic Pro, scheduled for summer 2019. Available now in tOG-Sports Pro.

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Timeline interface

The timeline option facilitates construction of complex graphics where multiple graphics are on screen concurrently. Elements can be individually or collectively controlled and combined with advanced video effects. This will be available in Tactic Pro, scheduled for summer 2019.

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Minimal training required

Training has little or no impact on budgets or day to day operations. All that is required is the included TeamViewer overview session which can be supplemented by on line training videos, user tips, FAQs and excellent documentation. There is no need for classroom based training.